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20 New Age Practices that are Infiltrating the Church

When Jesus saved me and I left the New Age to follow Jesus, I thought that I was done with it. I was shocked to find how many New Age practices have infiltrated the church. The devil is sowing tares amongst the wheat!

Here is a list of 20 New Age practices that all Christians should avoid and rebuke:

Not preaching the Gospel: Stay away from churches that avoid teaching the Gospel that Jesus died to save us from the penalty for our sins. In the new age, there’s no discussion of anything that could offend someone. So no one learns about sin, hell, repentance, Jesus’ work on the cross, or salvation. In the new age, the belief is that everyone is going to heaven. New agers also believe that you go to heaven by “being a good person.“ That is a salvation-by-works belief, which is unbiblical. Tragically, the lack of Gospel teaching sends unsaved new agers straight to hell. People need to realize that we are all sinners, and that we need Jesus as our Savior.

Downplaying or doubting the Bible; adding to the Bible with “special revelation” that contradicts Scripture: The new age says that the Bible is tampered with, and incomplete with missing books. “Special revelation messages” contradict what the Bible says; therefore, they are false. Everything must be compared against the Bible.  

Yoga: each pose is bowing to a specific pagan deity. Yoga is not just stretching; it is idolatry. 

Music with unbiblical lyrics: We have to compare the worship music lyrics against scripture. We also need to avoid listening to or singing music from new age-infiltrated churches like Bethel, Hillsong, and Elevation. Paying licensing fees to these churches, only encourages their apostate actions, and can cause the congregation to believe unbiblical ideas.

Prophets / speaking a prophetic word over someone: This is psychic work, forbidden by the Bible, and it’s nothing like the old testament prophets. Prophetic messages contradict what the Bible says; therefore, they are false. Everything must be compared against the Bible.

Reiki and energy healing: This is idolatry, using “energy” from unfamiliar spirits and symbols for healing. Beware of anyone who using the word Chakra in the church, as this is a new age belief. –

Giving self-glory instead of God-glory: In the new age, positive affirmations are used to boost confidence. These affirmations do not work, which is proven by the fact that you have to keep saying them repeatedly. The Bible teaches us that our purpose is to glorify God in all we do.

Believe in yourself”: this New Age slogan glorifies yourself, and says that you need to follow your heart. The Bible says that the heart is deceitful, and anyone who takes an honest inventory of their life, can see that the heart misleads us. Proverbs 3:5-6 says that we must trust God, and not lean upon our own understanding.

Word of Faith / “name it and claim it” : Commanding God, “giving God permission,” “your best life now,” decree and declare, “sowing a seed for prosperity.” In new age, this is called “manifesting” or “law of attraction.” 

“Jesus Calling” books: These channeled books appear Christian, because they use Christian terminology and have Bible verses. However, they contain messages supposedly from Jesus, that contradict and twist what Jesus said in the Bible. Since the Bible tells us that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, it’s impossible for him to contradict himself. New age channeled books also use Christian terminology and Bible verses. There is no difference between New Age channeled books and the Jesus Calling channeled books.

Kenosis and Arianism Heresies : The teaching that Jesus was just a human (Arianism heresy), and not God; and the teaching that Jesus emptied his divinity during his earthly ministry (Kenosis heresy). Pure blasphemy, with new age and occult roots.

“Little gods”: in the New Age, the Bible verse “Be still and know that I am God” is taken out of context. New agers believe that they are in training to become a “little god.” 

“Co-creating with God”: The Bible does not say that we are to partner with God. That is a man-made egocentric viewpoint. God does not “need” us – We need God. We are to follow his will, which is clearly outlined in the Bible.

Crystal Idolatry: while the Bible does discuss crystals, this practice of viewing crystals as having “special healing powers” is idolatry. Anything we view as having more power than God is an idol. Anything we focus upon more than God, is an idol. The Bible forbids idolatry and worshipping the creation; we are only to worship the Creator.

Essential Oils Idolatry: While the Bible does discuss olive oil and hyssop, this new practice of viewing essential oils as having “special healing powers” is idolatry. The Bible forbids worshipping the creation; we are only to worship the Creator. There is nothing inherently “wrong” with oil.  The serious problem is when we make oil an idol by viewing it above God.

Praying to angels: nowhere in the Bible does anybody call upon an angel. No one is praying to the angels. No one prays to Archangel Michael in the Bible. Paul says that we should not worship angels (Colossians 2:18) and that Satan masquerades as an angel of light 2 Corinthians 11:14). When the apostle John bowed before an angel, the angel told him to stop bowing (Revelation 22:8).

Communicating with angels: nowhere in the Bible, is there any person who initiates a conversation with an angel, nor do people in the Bible ever ask angels for favors. To communicate with angels is unbiblical and spiritually dangerous as Satan masquerades as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14). God does send angels according to His will, not ours.

Harry Potter acceptance and tolerance: glorifying witchcraft, influencing children to believe in or practice witchcraft. The Bible says that witchcraft is an abomination to God (Deuteronomy 18:10). Recent studies show that witchcraft is growing fast in popularity. We must not tolerate it.

Astrology and Horoscopes: The tolerance for these idolatrous practices is increasing, as the church adopts worldly behaviors. Everywhere that astrology is mentioned in the Bible, it is associated with pagan idolatry. The 3 magi wisemen were not called “astrologers.” They were following the Messianic prophecies in the Bible, which led them to Jesus. They didn’t look at constellations or use astrological predictions; the magi studied the Biblical prophecies about Jesus.

The Enneagram. This personality test is not from a psychologist nor from a Christian. It was created by a man named Claudio Naranjo, who said that he created the Enneagram test from “automatic writing,“ which is a dangerous occult practice of getting messages from unfamiliar spirits. Even though the Enneagram has been touted as Christian, it has no biblical basis.

New Age practices are similar to alcoholism, they are progressive and people crave more and more intensity. They may start out with something that seems innocent, but it always leads to darker experiences. New age is the devil’s tool to infiltrate the Church. We must become equipped with wisdom and discernment so that we recognize and avoid new age practices.

Doreen Virtue is a former new age teacher who was saved by Jesus in 2017. She is now attending seminary classes, and she helps people to recognize and avoid new age practices.

49 thoughts on “20 New Age Practices that are Infiltrating the Church

  1. Doreen, I used to follow you a lot and even took your angelic card reading certification. But, like you, I also had an encounter with Jesus in the middle of 2017, which steered me away from the new age. I just recently looked up your website again and am delighted to know that you are also within Jesus. Thank you for sharing that you threw away all the cards and the books that are related to the new age. I will do the same. Thank you Doreen for always being my inspiration.

  2. Miss Doreen, What an amazing story. For many, many years I have studied spiritually, philosophy, psychology, ethics, religions of the world and everything in between… lol. I have read at least a half dozen of your books. I understand you. During my quest for knowledge and “answers” one thing never ever changes and that is my belief in Jesus Christ and his beautiful messages! I have witnessed miracles great and small and have absolute faith. We truly are the happiest when helping other and “paying it forward.” Keep up the great work you do and never feel guilty or ashamed for your passed writing or ponders. Sincerely Your Friend Tricia

  3. Thank you Doreen… I have downloaded you book and can’t wait to read it… I am trying to read the bible daily.. 🙏

  4. We are all connected and walking each other home, Jesus saves! Happy to be included in your journey thanks for sharing in your new book. Bless you!

  5. I love the updates you give I’ve been following you for a long time and I feel like I’m learning through you and for that I thank you so much.

  6. Your book was a great read. I just loved it. What I think when I see you share about your old material is that ‘God makes good out of bad’. It is in His hands now. Satan used your personality before to lead you away from God, and now that you’re Gods child, He is using your personality and standing in society to make an impact. And that, you are.
    I love you and appreciate all that you do. You look beautiful and feel beautiful.
    God bless you and everything and everyone you touch.

  7. It’s very comforting to read your updates because I am going through the same process. I am sort of tagging along and very happy to do so, because I feel I am not the only one breaking away from a world of spiritual confusion.
    It certainly is not easy as I am going through a lot of spiritual warfare, a lot! But I find comfort and strength in Jesus and really need Him more than ever.
    I just downloaded your new app and am looking forward to use it. I also downloaded the book and I got Mornings with the Lord on my phone as well. Very inspirational~! God bless you and keep you safe!

  8. Hi Doreen! I have read many of your books. I was pulled out of the new age around the same time as you, as was a friend of mine! I was surprised and thrilled to read your testimony. I too feel better than I have in a long time. I was bogged down with evil spirits that had attached themselves to me through the new age. What a journey it’s been! Keep up the great work, spreading the love of Jesus. ♥

  9. What a lovely update and I am so pleased to hear your story; I will indeed read your book and thank you for making it available.
    It seems many people now are searching and coming home to Jesus…your past life and your earlier work was all done with good intentions and all part of your search for the truth. I too had a similar journey with Reiki and healing and angels before I “accidentally” came across Joyce Meyer here in the uk on TBN UK. Her powerful words just hit the spot and now I am happy to say that I am moving through the “nothing but love and light ” stage to the realization that it is all God and Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.
    God bless you, Doreen and also your family, as you move forward in your walk with Jesus xxxxxxxx

  10. Doreen,
    I am so glad to hear that you are happy. I completely concur with you about getting rid of all things New Age. Since I threw all of my stuff out, the energy has been different. Much calmer, and much less spiritual warfare. The other thing is that now I go to one source, God, for answers; not multiple books, tarot decks, or other things. Just one the Bible and God. Now I read teaching materials on the Bible and God but that’s not the same thing. Everything I do is to gain a better understanding of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.
    Much love,

  11. I’ve been on such an amazing journey with you. Before I was saved, i had every deck of your tarot cards & practiced them. I had a life changing experience with Jesus in 2016, & my life changed as I became a believer. I got rid of tarot & everything to do with it henceforth. I stumbled upon a website in the latter half of 2017 & was so amazed at ur encounter with Jesus in 2017. Made me realise he’s so faithful no matter what our journeys have been Xx

  12. Hello Dear Doreen,

    I miss YOU very much, and I did not know Why I get more emails from you. That YOU have a lot of problems in past time,I find terrible.
    I’m so glad you’re lucky now !

    Wishing YOU the Best and a great BLESSINGS !!!

  13. Doreen I really believe that everything you did before in your life was not done in vain or I’ll intent. It was all necessary to bring you to this new understanding of Jesus being the true Messiah. You had a great many followers before, which I believe was also necessary, because now they can be further led to the Lord Jesus through your arrival to the only one who can only fill our emptiness. Nothing or no one else can. Your truth and sincerity in wanting to truely help others has unfolded into something wonderful and beautiful. You are a true inspiration to so many. May God continue to bless and your family and in all that you do, share and care. I love you and thank you Doreen. The world is a better place by your being here now in this time when there are so many forces and influences trying to mislead so many. Praise be to God.

  14. Doreen i am happy you are waliking with Jesus.. i also stopped doing physic reading and now i speak directly to Jesus. . My family and I love to go to sunday mass.. i have a commitment with God to prove his loving work.. my faith is completely on him

  15. I have been an angel therapist for a long time but in 2012 God gave me an urgent message to get rid of it . I have followed your teachings so long and then I prayed for you after that to help you find your way to Jesus. And it happened I thank God for this and yes he still there and does send angels for us.

  16. Thank you Doreen, you are an inspiration!
    God bless the insight you spread, followed you before and now more than ever ♡
    I haven’t touched my cards, runes and I Ching coins in years but haven’t disposed of them. It’s hard because they are enbedded in me, it’s a unique collection but you are helping me because reading this just now made me realize that they are truly useless.
    All we need is His love and guidance, in Jesus name!
    It is an honor to follow your transformation and see my own unfold ♡ Amen!!

  17. Thank you for this update xo!

    I have read the Joy of Jesus nearly twice now! It illuminates and informs on so many important realities. It is a brilliant piece of fruit for the Kingdom of God! My heart also goes out to you for all you have overcome through Christ Jesus who NEVER leaves or forsakes us. You are a very strong and incredible woman and I deeply respect you. I know all glory goes to God through the times like the ones you have been through.

    And I just want to tell you about the little healing miracle God did through you for me.

    You see, I found your instagram page during the last 2 1/2, maybe 3 years of your time in the New Age. And during this time I was being indoctrinated and mentored by people in the New Age (not you, you were like my refuge from them) who found a way to use the Bible and Jesus to convince me I was unlovable and worthless. And not having a strong relationship with either part of God made this possible for them to do. In short, the enemy was desperate to shut all the doors to God in my life before I even knew how to open them!

    Then, something miraculous happened. You started to infuse the weekly oracle card readings with Scripture which allowed me to associate the Bible with light. And the locks and chains the enemy placed on the doors to God began to shake. Then you gently started to suggest getting a Bible. And for weeks you would make this same suggestion and I would wince and shake my head thinking, no thanks. And then one night, you looked at the camera as if you had had enough and on some level COMMANDED me to buy a Bible. The Lord had had enough of something in my life and in that moment used you and the trust within the relationship following you had birthed to make a shift in my life. I remember the moment so vividly because I felt something break off of my heart and I couldn’t get to fast enough to purchase a Bible. Shortly after Jesus saved me.

    And I believe Holy Spirit was working through you in those last months of your weekly card readings. Not just for me, but for many others, I hope. Yes it was the Holy Spirit and no one and nothing will ever convince me otherwise.

    So it’s not really possible for me to feel as if you did me any harm in the New Age. And I just want you to know that. Not all people may share my sentiment but I’ve been wanting to tell you for so long. When God took you out of the world, I went with you. In the same direction (Jesus) and for a while in seperate ways (spiritual warfare is very real) , but I want you to know that I because of you I have a relationship with Jesus. And I will never be able to thank you enough for this.

    I also want to thank you for refunding all of my donations to your animal rescue. You didn’t have to do that. You led me back to the Bible which led me to Jesus after the enemy used both to condemn my existence. However I was grateful to see them come in- just a testimony to Gods’s timing! I would see them and think “Oh Doreen, you don’t have to do this!” But in the scheme of things, it was perfect timing so THANK YOU for doing that. But I would have been fine without them. I owe so much good in my life to you!

    LOTS OF LOVE AND PRAYERS for you and yours.
    Please tell Michael I said hello and thank you. He helped to.
    And may God continue to bless you in heart, body, and mind dear Sister.

    1. I just recently learned of Doreen’s conversion to Jesus, and while I thought it was a synchronicity with my own further interest, I also feel like this is a huge change and I have many questions. I started exploring the New Age years ago though I didn’t name it that, I just knew what my interests were and always had good intentions with them. It’s kind of difficult to feel like this was all wrong or even sinful. Not sure how others deal with such a huge change, seems many accept right away.And not sure how to deal with all that right now, but a gentle transition feels right.

      1. I appreciate how honest your comments are, Claudiae! The beautiful thing about our God is that He allows room for and understands our doubts. Most often, those journeys of working our way through challenges or doubts God uses to reveal a new side of Himself to us that we previously didn’t understand. I think “a gentle transition” is totally cool with God. 🙂 Ask Him to be ever near as you journey & to reveal His truths to you – and He will, most likely on a timetable He’s already designed for you. It’s those times in my life I approach the end of one journey, look back, and can clearly see God’s plan and how it played out, though I was quite bewildered and lost at the time. It is very reassuring to accept that you can simultaneously fully trust God and also be unsure of and uncomfortable with the answers you seek. That’s why it’s called “faith”. 🙂 Begin with constant awareness of God’s presence (aka prayer), reading the Bible, and clinging to those things you DO know to be true: #1: God loves you and is gracious, merciful, and good. (And I agree, God does see intentions of the heart if you previously thought you were doing good. But as God reveals new truths to us, it is then our responsibility to seek to understand and change.) Praying God rains down His Holy Spirit on you, saturating your heart, soul, mind, and strength with His loving comfort, peace, hope, joy, love, and truth. <3 (And – I'm sure many posters here – myself included – would be happy to hear and explore your questions if you would like to share.)

  18. Doreen, may you continue to inspire many others through your bold and courageous transition from New Age to Christianity, just as you have inspired me. I had been considering giving it all up myself, on & off for a few years. And when I finally decided to take the plunge this March 2018, your testimony was such an encouragement to me. And I know it will lead many others to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ and accept him as Lord & Saviour over every area of their lives. So many wonderful things have happened as a result of my decision to walk away from the enemy’ deception. (Praise God!🙏🏻)

    Love & Best Wishes,
    Tom Davies 🇬🇧

  19. Hi Doreen thank you for sharing your story and your new book which I can not wait to read !
    Sincerely carmen

  20. Dear Doreen, I started reading the Bible the beginning of this year. As of today I am reading Acts. At times the stories are so touching I cry with love (like Job) it just touched my heart. Then there can a time when I felt so angry and became depressed and almost stopped wanting to continue reading the Bible I could not understand why, then I prayed and realized I was being attacked by evil. Once I realized that, I was not going to let that happen.
    I have many of your books,cards and more stuff. I have been to see you when you can to San Francisco.
    It will be hard to toss all the books and all, but I will.
    Since I have been reading the Bible, I have found that I feel a closeness to Jesus.
    I smoke and I am always praying for God’s help in quiting. I struggle but smoking less.
    I would love to ask you to include me in your prayers to help me quit. I want to feel closer to God and Jesus and feel worthy of there Love.
    Thank you and so glad to hear you talk about your Love for Jesus and all the wonderful things he does for us.
    I pray for you and your family and all your animals friends.
    Thank you!
    God bless you for all your doing!

  21. Dear Doreen Virtue,

    Thank YOU for sharing your expirience with us , and what has happened lately in your life. I thing that’s terrible. I miss you messagers via my e-mail very much.
    You help people in the World, you helpend me a lot, for which I am very, very grateful to you Darling.
    I read every morning the Book “Mornings With the Lord”.
    There are a lot of tips or advice for me, and I’m very grateful to You Doreen.

    I’m really glad that you have happiness fund in you Life !!!

    I wisch You the Best and a great Blessings !

  22. I feel very happy for your explanation. I follow you for more than ten years and I am happy that you keep up the great work on Jesus.
    Lots of love ❤️

  23. Thank you! I’ve been following you a long a time now, even took your first CACR course online with Radleigh. I was sad and shocked when you left New Age, and I had wished you well on your new path, but God had other plans for me, and because of you, I was led back to Jesus like the lost sheep that I was! I was in the New Age for 23 years. I grew up Christian but never read the Bible. I read it every day now. I still can’t bring myself to throw away all my books and cards as I have around 100 decks! I know I will get there in time. I hope God can help me find the conviction to do so!

    1. Hi Stacey, I was reading through the messages that people are sending to Doreen and I went “WOW!!!” when I read that you have 100 decks. I only had 4 decks but when I tore every card in half and threw them in a fire, it had a very freeing effect. I felt lighter. So I just wanted to tell you that and to encourage you. God wants so much more for you than what you can find in those decks, and it’s not Him that’s answering you through the cards. Doreen talks about the thousands of dollars worth of “stuff” she threw away too so I’m sure she can sympathize with being hesitant. But it really is very much worth it! ♡

  24. This change is not a surprise for me … … I listened to you and thanked you many times and then I stopped seeing or following you, something was not right.
    Now you know the truth! give thanks to God for giving you this opportunity.
    You are nothing different from me in the eyes of God, he has chosen you to transmit his sacred word in your work to thousands of followers who have confused you.
    Thanks for this change and do not get confused, we need you!

  25. Hi Doreen, I just recently discovered, when searching online for a Jesus meditation that you became a Christian and left the New age. I used to follow you since years ago and was very into your angel cards, readings and the crystals book. I wanted to go meet you in person once in New York city. I also recently have been drawn more into Christianity when I just happened upon this life changing decision you made for yourself. I thought, what an interesting coincidence.. But I’m finding it also challenging with all these changes. It’s been a crazy time and I appreciate guidance right now.

  26. Hello Doreen…

    Thank you for everything you are doing for us in here. I am really proud of the way that you are growing into real LOVE through the gospels of Jesus Christ. Thank you for sticking up for us in here! 🙏🏽


  27. Hi Doreen, I too have been following you for years, through your new age til now. I was always in a struggle with my spirituality because I loved God and Jesus and all His angels, but the church had put such fear into my heart. I still feel that way, even though my father is an Orthodox Priest. I can’t overcome the power plays and corruption in the church to find serenity there. So I pray at home for guidance and clarity. I still feel lost and wonder about your complete dedication to Jesus even though you are intuitive and have the ability to hear spirit. I can’t reconcile the fact that you’ve heard angels and spirits all your life, but now say they were demons. I hope you can help me understand, because I’m intuitive also, not to the degree you were, but I have knowing when I someone deceased is speaking with me, or have knowing when I feel a spirit is passing on a loving message for someone. Is that not God or Jesus or his Angels? Is every voice a demon, and if so, how do you know it was Jesus showing Himself and not just another demon in Disguise? My father and the Orthodox Church believes no one has direct access to Jesus. We just pray to God and he will sort it out if it’s His will. My father is the most awesome sermon writer and I asked him recently is he not divinely inspired to write. Does he not believe God is talking to him. He reacted like I had just blasphemed, horrified that I had even contemplated that he deserved Gods attention. How do you feel about that? I hope I haven’t insulted you with these questions. I’m just wishing, praying and waiting for God to show me the way back to him, and I’m watching your journey with love in my heart for you but with just a little bit of envy, for it’s what I’m seeking and I feel like it’s just out of my grasp and it’s making me very frustrated! LOL

    1. Sylvia, I am praying for you, for clarity and peace for your beautiful searching soul. And I am chuckling at the interaction with your Dad, though perhaps I should be crying. For what purpose does he think the Holy Spirit was given? Of course he is inspired when writing sermons! (I grew up in conservative churches where the idea of hearing from God was foreign, but strangely, we were taught to study the Bible, which is full of examples of people hearing from God!) Feeling so much compassion for you.

  28. WOW! beautiful Doreen God bless your soul and your family I know the Lord is using you to turn ALOT of people from the new age to Christ! keep up the good work Doreen!

  29. Dear Doreen!
    Thank you for sharing your story and experience with us. I just downloaded your ebook and look forward to reading it.
    I just want to say to you: Don’t fret about your previous work and writings. I don’t believe it will lead anyone astray as it is written with your true intentions of helping and guiding prople towards peace, happiness and abundance. All is well – and if you ask God to let your old work, you don’t have any controle over anymore, still help people to get to know Him and find a path to Him – then He will do so. I am sure of it!
    My own experience with your previous work has been like this: I have taken the bits and pieces, I found helpful, and let the rest be. Your book on archangels and ascended masters was interesting, but I have only used it as a reference – not as a lecture written in stone! The more “colourful masters” I just ignored as not relevant to me! Just like the tarot- and angel-cards and stuff never appealed to me or interested me, so I let them be. I am sure others like me have done the same – so there is no harm done there! :o)
    I have been a christian all my life. I have always had a close relationship with God and have prayed to Him and had “conversations” with Jesus as long as I can remember. In my view there is no harm done in asking His angels to help me find my keys or a parking space or whatever practical task. I always thank God for borrowing His angels and feel it’s OK with Him I do so. I have never been psychic or anything, but I have experienced the power of prayer and seen miracles of alle kinds happen in front of my eyes. I have always trusted my “gut-feeling” after prayer, and it has always served me well.
    I have always had a good “gut-feeling” about you, Doreen, and I still do! You mean well, and that is the most important thing.
    Fear not!

  30. God Bless you Doreen and for having the courage and conviction to make that change. I have been doing readings and energy healing for 17 years at a metaphysical store in the San Diego area and have quite a following. On August 1st 2018 God spoke to me in an audible voice and said, GIVE YOUR NOTICE AND STOP DOING READINGS!!! It shook me and I stopped immediately. I’ve always had a love and a deep connection with Jesus and have always been guided by God and Jesus. It saddened me to drop all my clients but when God speaks, you have to listen. On a smaller scale, I understand how you may feel. At age 55 Im in career change and we will see where God leads me. Im sure it will be a good one. Love to you Doreen and everyone that reads this post. God Bless 💚💕💙

  31. Thank you! When you changed your beliefs, I started questioning my own beliefs. Jesus is my Lord and my God now. Jesus was always there but I was “doing my own thing” and that never really felt right but I didn’t know. But now my focus is on Jesus. I believe there is a spiritual shift happening for the world. For me it happened around the same time you were having things happen that changed your life completely. Every person on this earth needs to know that it’s Jesus. NOW we need to receive the love and blessings from Jesus that were always there and available to us, but were clouded by this darkened world. The Word needs to be communicated to everyone. Thank you for getting this information out. When my shift started, I was introduced to the book Jesus Calling, and am on a second book, Jesus Always which have been connecting me to the bible. I also listen to the audio teachings of Andrew Wommack on line. With your new book I will be continuing my journey with Jesus moment by moment and will be listening to your daily teachings of the bible. God Bless You Doreen Virtue. Lorraine Lott

  32. Dearest Doreen,
    just as the keep of my most favored watering hole has become my greatest advocate on the road to recovery You have long been one who rebukes the storm that has battered my soul. Away with misguided seeking and now only to building faith in the one and only True God Through Jesus.
    From willful to Willing . Peace be with you.
    Warren Greensea

  33. Hello Doreen,
    I am really pleased to see so many that have exhausted the path of searching to fill the void, and finding it has been all along to be Jesus Christ, the only way and the only joy of holy Spirit. I as well, 4 years ago was saved, having not known what was happening a few years prior to that when I began having an interest in who Jesus was and learning to feel greatest of compassion for his suffering, and I did accept fully 4 years ago, still being chiseled it took me a little while longer before I understood for sure about those alternative ways clearly having bought in demons and having already been changing relationships I believed were friends that were angels not of God, it was a time my awareness peaked and I could not run fast enough from what had been about 10 years of spiritual warfare I was at first blind to, and as I began my love for Jesus began the changes of mind and connections, and with being saved and then chiseled by God learning even more by Gods word that which I had questions and learned for sure these demons are ever so real and I have learned some hard lessons. I truly couldn’t be happier with my relationship with Jesus Christ and growing that much closer as God chisels those final perfections He is crafting me to be. I also threw away all my
    “energy ” books and crystals and all that is that crack for the enemy. It as well cleansed me further and my space. I cannot say how happy with your change, and for so many others I read that have found this remarkable truth of God. It really is a beautiful and remarkable God we have to orchestrate all that He has in our lives. I know for certain 1000% I was rescued, I too saw Jesus about 6 years ago and he appeared in my bedroom of apartment I was renting. At first I thought I was going to die. and that was the beginning of my learning that He wanted to talk with me, and know me and for me to trust in Him, as you see the time line took another few years of my wanting to get to know hi, feel his suffering as he had, and the demons escalated through those around me that I believed were friends and weren’t , one person particularly, learning only after I was saved that I ran so fast because this is truth, spiritual warfare that ultimately there is already the victory, but while going through with no support , I leaned that much more into the arms of Jesus, and finally knew what was necessary to do, submit completely and repent. That was a miracle that is powerful testimony as many here and yours, and that I so pray for many to come to see and know Jesus as I have seen and known and accepted this relationship. Thank you for sharing, I had to write to support you and your work God has arranged every detail, you needed to be well known for it to have had an impact I believe. Just think of how many followers have heard the good news! and those that are unbelievers and truly in darkness that see the power of Gods hand in this change for you and for Gods world. Nothing is ever a mistake by God. Take good care, and I understand how so much taken away, I still working through things that were to do best to take my joy, and I have Jesus warmth, gentleness, love, and peace and like Paul we learn as we grow as Christians. It really is a beautiful gift we have been given that is far from any material thing and this is not truly our home. So glad to see you are in the position God intended to have be shining through you, sharing your testimony and Gods word as you are and the love and grace He abounds to us all. PS I kept my email the same, it reminds of what I was and where I came, and actually my great maternal grandmother name was Crystal, and also can be referred to crystal in Heaven/Revelations scripture, and the harmony as Christian is for the Gospel, harmony of the Gospel, Gods Peace be with you and yours, and the animals in all there right and perfect places God has chosen.

  34. Doreen I just wanted to give you encouraging words in the Lord I am so Pleased that you converted to Christianity “The Truth” I have seen where you are being attacked but you are standing firm And The Lord is Pleased and with you Because the attacks are from the enemy!! Keep fighting the Good fight because you have The Lord fighting for and The Blood of Jesus covering You May you truly be blessed in The Lord

    1. Doreen,
      Thank you so much for sharing the story of your salvation with everyone! I want to tell you that as a former Muslim who became agnostic for many years until finally seeking salvation in Jesus Christ, your story is inspirational. I had previously been engaged in New Age and occult practices, thinking they were innocent. It was a shock to realize, after I got rid of all those things, the darkness that I was truly engaging in. After going through some healing and prayer, reading the Bible, and contemplating my new perspective in life with Jesus Christ, I have been so blessed to come to this path now. I began to attend an Episcopalian church recently. However, I have noticed that the Anglican Communion and the church I have attended are deeply intertwined with Freemasonry, as Freemasons have had a hand in building the church and holding positions of authority. Do you have advice about finding a Christian community that hasn’t been corrupted by secret or occult societies that are inherently *not Christian* ? I’m feeling troubled about this matter and have been praying to the Lord Jesus Christ for guidance. This is a complicated issue because I know many members are not part of these types of societies, but I also think some are completely unaware of how this can be harmful. I would appreciate any advice!

  35. Hi Doreen

    I’ve been one of your follow since the early Hayhouse days. I was Christian then turned more new age after listening to your shiws and talking to you on the show. I used to love listening every week. When you changed to Christianity I didn’t know what to think. I felt lost and yes even betrayed I think. To be honest aim still not sure Christianity is for me, but I do know that Christ and God are. Sending blessings and love always.

  36. The love you shared is eternal, regardless of my situation. When it come to matters of my heart your help is always there to guide me. Your healing is swift and efficient. I saw Jesus in a vision during a Christmas mass. Since then I have been recently spending time among the forest and the trees as well as the plants and animals. I have since regained my foothold on this planet. My spirit has been revived. I love your work very much Doreen and good luck to your future.😀

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