About Doreen’s Conversion to Christianity

A long time ago, I had a “the-more-friends-in-the-spirit-world,-the-better” approach to spirituality. I figured that as long as I stayed close to God and Jesus, that I could call upon anyone in the spirit world and be protected. After all, I wasn’t worshipping them, I reasoned – so I was obeying God’s law.

Well, I later discovered, that’s only true if you first carefully pray for God’s guidance about who to associate with and then put on the “armor of God” (Ephesians 6:11). I didn’t realize that it was vital to “test the spirits,” as the Bible says (1 John 4:1-6). I had an open-door policy, and unfortunately the open door can invite in unwanted beings.

The prayers I said each day, and that I wrote and spoke about at workshops were always to the Holy Trinity. I would also call upon (not pray to, as prayers and worship only go to God) Archangel Michael and a few saints with whom I was familiar. I never felt the need to go outside of this circle, as they provided so much. Yet, I didn’t speak, write, or teach about the Holy Trinity as much as I wanted, for fear of offending those who didn’t follow a Christian path.

That all changed while I was writing my Loving Words From Jesus Cards in 2015. For the first time in my life, I carefully read all of Jesus’s words in the gospels. I’d previously read parts of the gospels, but this was the first time I read the entirety of the gospels. My impression of Jesus had always focused upon his healing and manifestation teachings such as, “Ask and it shall be given,” and, “Knock and it shall be opened.” The always-positive teddy bear cuddly version of Jesus.

Yet while reading the gospels, I encountered Jesus’s assertive side. He taught strong guidelines and boundaries that struck a chord within me. For example, Jesus said that if we’re embarrassed to talk about him publicly, then he won’t acknowledge us either. (Matthew 10:32-33, Mark 8:38, and Luke 9:26).

Well, I had been reluctant to talk about Jesus in my writings and at workshops, because whenever I did so, some audience members objected. They’d say he was “too patriarchal,” that he was a myth, that Constantine had changed the Bible, that the Bible was misogynistic, and that religions were filled with hurtful hypocrites. Wanting to avoid conflict, I left Jesus out of my teachings. This always bothered me though, as I wanted to share my love for Jesus with others. Yet I admittedly allowed my fears about conflict to steer me in the other direction.

So when I dug into Jesus’s words in 2015, I realized that I needed to share openly about Jesus – even if this risked offending some people. Needing support and seeking further Biblical study, I joined and began attending a Foursquare Christian church each Sunday. The next year, I felt guided to change to the Episcopal Church, which offered biblical teachings, charitable giving opportunities, open-mindedness and non-judgmentalness.

Then, in early 2017, I had a giant spiritual wake-up call that forever changed my life, including my spiritual beliefs and practices. I was at an Episcopal Church service, and a woman was introduced to the audience and honored for all of her volunteer work. I was struck by her purity, generosity, and humbleness, and then suddenly she disappeared. Standing in her place was a bigger than life vision of Jesus. Everyone and everything else faded away, and all I could see was Jesus standing about 6 feet tall. He wore plain linen clothing and his arms were open toward me, as if inviting me to embrace him.

He was as three-dimensional as any person, and not just a faint vision. He was a real living breathing person who was in front of me purposefully. The light surrounding him glowed in beams as bright as the sun, as did the beams of light coming from his heart. I believe it was the brightest light that I’d ever seen!

He didn’t say a word audibly, yet I received a knowingness from his presence. First, I knew that he was real, and that Jesus knows who each of us are. I instantly knew that the stories in the Bible were true, all of it! The virgin birth, the miracles, the crucifiction, resurrection, and ascension. Stories about Jesus that I’d wrestled with – were they real? Myth? Contorted? – were instantly settled for me. Jesus was and is real.

The rest of the church service was a blur. I couldn’t tell you who was at church with me, or how I drove home afterward. Yet the moment I was home, I went online to research what I’d just seen. I typed “Jesus sacred heart lights” in the search engine, and immediately saw paintings called “The Divine Mercy” of a vision of Saint Maria Faustina. My vision of Jesus was similar, except the golden light rays shown completely around his heart, instead of the downward-pointing red and white light rays of Saint Maria’s vision.

I was filled with questions by this vision. Was this Jesus healing me? Inspiring me to be more like the woman who was introduced at church that day as being a mega-volunteer? Was he calling me to follow him more closely? As I prayed about these questions, I felt guided to share my vision by creating a little Youtube video of my vision.

Then two weeks later as I was falling asleep, I had another vision. I saw Jesus hovering above a darkened earth. He was sending golden light from his heart to awaken and protect everyone on the planet. The vision seemed simultaneously metaphorical and literal, as if it represented dark energy covering the planet and also perhaps some prophetic message about a worldwide power outage. In both cases, Jesus was and is helping us all.

I began reading the Bible each morning and praying more than ever to be led as God willed. After all, I’d mostly surrendered my willfulness in 1995 after it almost got me killed in an armed car jacking when I hadn’t listened to God’s warning. So I was accustomed to praying for and following God’s will . . . most of the time. I confess there were times when I didn’t ask God for guidance before making choices and taking action. And those were the times when I had to run to God later to fix the mess I’d made!

It occurred to me that I’d never been baptized, as the Unity Church I attended in childhood didn’t offer baptisms. I’d never even thought about being baptized before! An inner knowingness, perhaps from Holy Spirit, guided me to rectify this. So I asked my Episcopal Church priest Father David if he’d perform the baptism, and he agreed. I attended two meetings with him to prepare for the ceremony, and to know what to expect.

The church holds their baptisms at the ocean, and on February 25, 2017, the day of my baptism, the sea was churning with strong waves and currents. I gulped, but Father David and Michael assured me that they’d hold onto me. Wearing a long white dress, they walked me into the ocean at sunset and Father David began the ceremony which culminated in me being immersed three times for the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

I had imagined having an epiphany or a divine revelation during the baptism. Instead of having insights, though, I had a sensation of a spiritual detox. I felt myself being cleansed of attachments and lower energies.

After we walked out of the ocean, Father David drew a cross on my forehead with oil that had been prayed over by the Episcopal Bishop (an amazingly humble and learned man who officiated my confirmation a few months later). As the cross was being drawn, Father David looked me in the eye and pronounced: “You are now sealed by the Holy Spirit, and marked as Christ’s own forever.” His words made me gasp, as I realized the eternal commitment just made. The permanency of this spiritual shift was unlike any other agreement to which I’d ever entered. And I took the commitment to heart.

The baptism changed everything, as promised in scripture, “And that water is a picture of baptism, which now saves you, not by removing dirt from your body, but as a response to God from a clean conscience.” (1 Peter 3:21). I’ve always been sensitive to energies, and I felt that strong presence of Holy Spirit and heard his teachings (I realize that some people experience Holy Spirit as a feminine energy, while I sense Holy Spirit as a male teacher.

I continued to hungrily study the Bible, including reading it from Genesis 1 onward and attending Bible study groups. The Bible is filled with messages that are essential knowledge for our modern age, as well as comforting messages, and inspiring stories.

In this book, I want to share with you the wonders that God offers to us, as a reference book and as inspiration. My prayer is that this book will answer some questions for you, and be a part of your even-closer relationship with God.


With Love and Respect, Doreen

34 thoughts on “About Doreen’s Conversion to Christianity

  1. Dear Doreen, I have a few of your books at home. I love your angels books and they often helped me in the past….however your conversion strangely doesn’t come as a shock at all…. after years of playing with different kinds of spirituality I felt too much closer to my Christian roots…it is interesting the full circle we take…. when I read your words that Jesus is real (despite the fact that I also regarded him as just a spiritual teacher) I somehow felt how right you are… and that beautiful vision of st Faustina is a picture of my childhood as she was Polish and the picture can be found all around Poland and is extremely popular. I still hope though, that you will talk to us about angels, especially our guardian angels as I feel it is an important part of our earthly path….

    1. Agnieszka, I too always find myself back to Christianity. No matter how often I have strayed away, no matter how many critics denounce or disparage Christianity, or have followed another path, I always find myself missing Jesus and coming back to Him. I don’t feel complete, I don’t feel like myself without Him. When I pray, when I think about Him and study about Him and the Bible I feel the peace and joy that passes understanding that I still can’t quite explain. I know now that I must stay on this path that God has planned for me as an earth angel 🙂

  2. Today I went for Easter mass and I was looking at the cross thinking what Jesus might be thinking about us. Once a few months back I was staring at the cross and it felt like jesus blinked at me, the chapel was unusually brighter after that. You’re books and teaching have changed my life, thank you so much for that.

  3. Hello Doreen,

    Thank you for sharing your story. I
    had a similar experience and find myself on a similar road. Reading your story is an affirmation for where I’m going next. Blessings to you for giving others a glimpse
    Into what they hold within, don’t clearly understand, or fear. There is power in proclaiming the great love he has for us, and the guidance of the Trinity. Thank you with much love for embracing your purpose.

  4. Amen sister Doreen. Each of us has our Path. Thank you for surrendering to Jesus’ courage, grace and mercy and allowing us to witness your road as we ourselves find our own ways to his Divine Love and guidance.

    Much peace and breath,

  5. I recently came across your website. Thank you for sharing your story. It was especially moving to hear how your experience of Christ aligned with St. Faustina’s. I wanted you to know you aren’t the first person to have such experiences. Valentin Tomberg, a Russian hermeticist and onetime member of the Anthroposophical society, converted to Christianity as well, specifically Catholicism. His work, “Meditations on the Tarot” offers profound reflections on hermeticism and Catholic Christianity. If you haven’t read it, you may enjoy it. God bless you on your journey.

    1. Thanks for such amazing words, is good to know that we are not along in this path!

      Blessings from Panama.

  6. I am not surprise Doreen and I am very happy for you. I pray every night for the world’s hearts conversion to God so the world can finally find peace and love.

    I was raised as Catholic but along the way I lost the connection until something happened in my life in 2009 which trigged me towards a spiritual journey. I found that as I was growing in this path I was guided more and more towards God and Jesus. They are helping me to reach happiness and freedom.

    God Bless Doreen!

  7. I had my return to Christianity in college; when I was attacked and almost murdered walking to class.
    My life has been highly supernatural
    and blessed ever since.
    I truly became “born-again” when I least expected it.

  8. Thank you for your book daily guidance from Your Angels. This beautiful book is inspiring me to reshape my life and share the love I have received. I would mention that I have a strange job of walking and listening to dog walkers, so many times they are suffering from a loss. I think time spent doing this is what Jesus wants me to do now!!

    I also receive a lot of affection from the dogs, so I have achieved my aim of a balanced life devoted to bringing heaven on earth,

    God bless you and fill you with the Holy Spirit,


  9. Hi Doreen,
    I find it wonderful and interesting that you found your deeper truth. As much as I love the work that you do and it has helped me, there was always a little tug my God about the angels that you worked with. I now understand. Most of all we must always follow our truth no matter what that means to the rest of the world.

  10. I had a Awakening I went to see my brother at church and during the bread and water my brother said I couldn’t participate in it sense I wasn’t baptised. I sat there while they passed out the bread and water then all of sudden I felt a big hug and warmth from my head to my toes and started crying uncontrollable and couldn’t stop. It felt like Jesus was giving me a big hug saying he loves me too unconditionally even thou I wasn’t baptised 😇😇😇

  11. I love your cards and own almost every deck you created. Also have your book “Mornings with Jesus” and read the passage everyday before I pray. I have had personal experiences with Jesus and I love him with all my heart. I have felt spiritual hugs from him and when I pray he will always give me a sign to guide me. I also pray the rosary every morning because the Blessed Mother aids in bringing the love of her son to earth. I was so happy to hear about your baptism. I was baptized Catholic, however, I believe in Christianity. He is calling so many to bring heaven to earth.

  12. I am 65 yrs young. Started out with Jesus at church in my youth, then I followed “new age” for many years. Always searching for something. Like you Doreen, I have retured to Jesus/Bible over the past 5 years. Much happier, content and at peace now.

  13. I was brought to your blog this evening most likely by the lords guidance . I respect so much that you were willing to downsize your life and take some losses in order to live in your truth. I hope you are well taken care of as you took such care of your animals . I admire and respect you deeply . You are an angel on earth.

  14. You are very courageous. Many will come for you but you have the strength needed to simply brush them off. Your sadness comes, not from the anger and subsequent loss of followers, but from the knowledge of the impact their choices will have on their eternal lives.

  15. I had already found Jesus when you decided to follow Him too…
    You copied me!!!
    He’s fantastic isn’t He…!!
    Well done Doreen, He had been waiting for you for so long, but you had so much to learn first….
    Just as we all do….
    Just as I had to!
    He is always waiting for His children…..and we are all His children….thankfully, I remembered sooner rather than later….
    And we just have to remember His love….and then we are in His arms….again!
    Any tine of the day or night we can choose to remember His love.
    And I do…
    Thank you Jesus

  16. Thank You, Doreen, for being so honest about your personal experience with Jesus!
    I started listening to your radio show back in 2013 and had so many questions about how to heal and if I was healing with angels power or God’s power alone.
    I now feel God is the true one who holds authority over the angels and I can pray for angels to help me and others around me! I’m watching miracles daily and i’m so excited to tune in weekly to your show, knowing now you identify best as a Christian!

  17. Experience is the best teacher. Your spiritual path was a test to reveal to you the truth. Faith is a test seeing Jesus was the faith you always had had but was afraid to show it. And now you showing it.

  18. Thanks for sharing your story and talking about Jesus and the Divine Mercy so openly. I go to a Divine Mercy group and whenever we pray the Divine Mercy prayers it helps me relax and chill out so much. and divine mercy can help so many people. Thanks for talking about Jesus, he is lovely x

  19. Doreen, it has been my pleasure to learn from you. Although I’ve directly benefited from your teachings on angels, I always believed that Jesus was there, speaking to you in His loving way. I am in joy because you are sharing your experience. Jesus appeared to me as a child, then as a young adult and once while driving in my car He appeared in the passenger seat, singing, yes, singing, breaking me free from the suicidal thoughts I was having. He just becomes more and more real. He is the Door to peace, direction and out of fear. I just want you to know Loved Ones reading this, His Spirit is with you and shall be in you. John 14:17 Get ready for a more abundant life.

  20. I had a very similar conversion and stared backsliding a year ago and have been tormented by what im doing and living and the child of the most high God that i was born . I eas actually looking up tarot meanings and such in which i had totally given up and burned when I was shown the truth from Jesus ,but anyhow backsliding I read about your conversion and I quick read your article and 1st off congratulations and also while reading it I m hearing Jesus talking to me about my purpose and this was just a eye opener and How I miss Jesus so much I know what I have To do . Thank you God is truly the TRUTH,the WAY and the Life. God Bless.

  21. Hi Doreen,

    I had the same vision of Jesus on the same day. It was so similar to what you were experiencing. I have let go of the “new age” now as well (which is actually the old age from what I’m learning.) Anyway, God bless you. Thank you for posting your videos – they’ve been a huge help and blessing.

  22. Thank you for sharing your story I was also lost for a time with things that were not from God Like angel cards and new age. However, Jesus Sacred Heart and Mary keep reveling letting me know how lost I was. Last revelation was Mary letting me know I was getting away from God doing what I was doing. Now I try not to go a day without praying the Rosary God is my everything now he gives me all I need and I put all my trust in him.

  23. Doreen, thank you so much for being upfront with your path with Jesus. I was initially shocked because I had been thinking the same thing, but hesitant to move in that direction. Mind you, I go to church every-so-often. However, I felt that with all the negative stories about various Christian leaders and lay people, and my own experience with a hypocritical so-called devout Christian, that it would be best to keep my distance. At this point, I am hesitant, but because of your example, I am going forward with my involvement in Christianity. Thank you.

  24. Doreen, there are Angels as messengers, in the Bible. I believe in you in the way that the Lord had moved you! I too am Christian and WWJD is the way I try to live my life. I wish you much Love and Peace in your NEW PATH!!

  25. Dear Doreen,

    I wish you the best on your spiritual path! Is there any chance that you will create a follow up deck to the “Loving Sayings from Jesus” deck? I noticed that it is a very warm and supportive deck with the positive sayings that you mentioned you had been familiar with prior to reading the entirety of His words – that is, before also seeing His assertive side. I would greatly appreciate and benefit from also having a deck that includes the more assertive side, to create a more balanced set to contemplate.

  26. Doreen, I loved reading this. I agree with so many others- it just feels right for you and your path. After practicing for several years a different religion, and even being initiated into said other religion, I’m finding myself desiring to come back to the religion I was born into (the religion of my ancestors)- Judaism. Im feeling called towards monotheism and to leave my polytheistic beliefs behind. It feels a bit scary, but also right.

  27. Doreen I heard recently that you said you realised all your previous cards and books were channeled from the Devil and hence your conversion to Christianity. It was also said we must throw out your cards and books as their energy now is dark and negative! Is this true as I have so many of your previous cards and books and they have given me comfort over the years? I too am Christian and always felt your work aligned with my Christian beliefs! I wish you well on your new journey. Thank you

  28. Thank God and Jesus and all His angels and saints. I’ve always loved you because you felt so pure but at the same time I was very cautious because I knew you were not protecting yourself with the armor of God and could be open to any dark spirit that came to you as light. I stopped following you as a result but I “stumbled” upon this (there are no coincidences) and reading this causes my soul to burst with joy. I’m so happy. You are being so brave. You are His most precious child. I just know this and have always seen and felt this about you. I’m so grateful I can be reintroduced to your writings and teachings since this time.

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